Q: What are the features of the GHIN Apple Watch App?

A: The features available for all users include Score & Stat Tracking.  Enhanced GPS users can get the distances to the front/center/back of the green as well as distances to various points on the hole via the Apple Watch App.

Q: Can a user try the Enhanced features before they upgrade?

A: Yes, each user will have 2 free trials to use the Enhanced GPS features (including GPS Distances for Apple Watch).  For golfers who have previously used their trials, they will be reset. 

Q: Are the GPS distances based on the phone location or the Watch?

A: When the watch is in Bluetooth range of the phone, it uses the GPS of the phone; however, when the watch goes outside of the Bluetooth range of the phone, it uses the watch’s GPS. 

Note: Only Series 3 watches and above have independent GPS.

Q: I have an Apple Watch, when the GHIN Apple Watch App launches, how would I install it?

A: On your iPhone, open the Watch app.  Tap the My Watch tab.  The updated GHIN app will appear when launched.  To add the GHIN app to your watch, tap Install.

Note: To automatically download the companion iOS version of an app you’ve added to your Apple Watch, go to General Settings on your Apple Watch and turn on Automatic App Install. To get the most recent versions of your Apple Watch apps, make sure Automatic Updates is also turned on.