Hole-In-One Program

MGA provides a Hole-in-One certificate to MGA members who accomplish this remarkable feat. As a way of celebrating your achievement, MGA will also send each golfer a special bag tag that includes details about the accomplishment.

Current year MGA Membership (does not include GHIN Membership)
Hole in One in the current season

Fill out the form below and it will submit electronically to the MGA. Please note you must have a current and active MGA/USGA GHIN Handicap index in order to be eligible for this member service.

Also, please allow four to six weeks for processing and receipt of the bag tag and certificate.

Thank you for submitting your information. Any questions about the MGA Golf Hole-In-One Program can be directed to Karen Raithel at kraithel@mogolf.org.



    Hole-In-One Information

    Tell us more about where your aced was scored!