Play Up Request Form

Registration Notes-Players can start registering for any/all events on March 1 at 9 AM. All registrations close 7 days prior to the event. However, the Tour is very popular among our members and we encourage you to register as soon as you know your son/daughter schedule. If the event is full the player will automatically go to the wait list.  If you have any questions let us know.

Membership Fee: $40 a season    Includes Player Program Card discounts Click here to view

Entry Fee per event:

$25 for 8-9, 10-11, 12-13 age groups (9 hole)
$40 for 12-13, 14-15, 16-18 age groups (18 hole)

Notice NEW in 2021 12-13 Male division can choose to play 18 holes or 9 Holes (Stroke Average below 100 to be eligible for 18 Hole division)

Those participants who are eighteen years old who have not attended college will be eligible to compete.
Entry Deadline for all events: 7 days prior to Event Date
Tournament entry fees can not be accepted on-site.

NEW: A Player will compete in the age division based on his/her age as of June 7, 2021.  This date will determine his/her age division placement for the entire 2021 Missouri Junior Tour Season.

You may request to Play Up a division. See link above.

Yardages for age groups
8-9 fairway tees (Parents/Guardians can use cart to drive player)
10-13 girls and boys 4700
14-18 girls 5000
14-18 boys 6000

RULES & REGULATIONS – Missouri Junior Tour

Missouri Junior Golf Tour Program Card Sample

  • At some courses, carts are mandatory and the associated fees will be required. Juniors must have a valid driver’s license or be accompanied by a parent.
  • Proper golf attire required on all courses and at all times. (Shirts with a collar, no T-shirts, no cut-offs, no swim trunks and soft spikes only).
  • Individual golf facilities have the right to restrict or revoke program card usage at any time.
  • Special discounts are for junior golf privilege program members only and parents where specified on card.
  • Player Gift
  • Membership cards will be available at the first event, or the MJGF will mail them to the player.


  • Juniors will be required to check the website for tee times
  • MJT will email the tee times to the players.
  • All participants must add their score card at the end of the round
  • All cards must be signed and attested before they are turned in
  • All players must keep up with the group ahead of them, repair ball marks and replace divots.
  • Local rule sheet will be provided at each tournament site.
  • CHEATING will immediately disqualify a participant from the competition and all tournaments left in the series. Any prepayment will be forfeited.
  • Proper golf attire required on all courses and at all times. (Shirts with a collar, no T-shirts, no cut-offs, no swim trunks and soft spikes only).
  • Club throwing, foul language or any behavior that disrupts fellow competitors will result in stroke
    penalties, disqualification or may disqualify a participant from all tournaments left in the series.
  • We expect all players to register for events by the deadline date and adhere to the cancellation policy.



1st = 35 pts.   2nd = 25 pts.   3rd = 20 pts.   4th = 15 pts.   5th = 14 pts.   6th = 12 pts.   7th = 11 pts.   8th = 10 pts.   9th = 9 pts.
10th = 8pts.   11th =7 pts.   12th =6 pts.   13th =5 pts.   14th =4 pts.   15th =3 pts.   16th = 2 pts.   17th  and UP =1 pt

The points will be updated after each event.

There is not a minimum of events the competitor has to play in to qualify for the Tour Championship. However, only 5 events will be counted in the season point standings. If the participant plays all 10 events the 5 highest point totals from his/her events will be used for the point total.

Any ties at the end of the year will be broken by 1) Most 1st place finishes. 2) Most events played. 3) Most top 5 finishes.


TOURNAMENT SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP – Osage National Golf Resort, Lake Ozark

Our Championship will be played on the Links and the River Courses with tee times beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday and 8:30 a.m. on Monday. The top point leaders from the 18-hole divisions and the top point leaders from the 9 hole divisions will qualify for this Championship. Entry fee for the two-day championship
$60.00 for the 18-Hole division and $45.00 for the 9-Hole division
Following play there will be a cook out and pool party along with the Scholarship Awards.

Withdraw Policy: Contact the MGA by phone at 573-636-8994   NO cancellations will be accepted after 5:00 p.m., two days prior to the tournament. Players who withdraw in accordance with this policy will be given a refund MINUS THE ADMIN FEE OF $2 FOR $25 entry fee AND $5 FOR $40 entry fee.  You can withdraw from a maximum of two events per child.

Players who do not withdraw in accordance with this policy will lose their entry fee(s).


Following our championship on Monday we will host our annual awards banquet. All scholarship recipients, series championship participants and parents will be invited. More detailed information will follow as arrangements are confirmed. Please plan on attending to celebrate are scholarship recipients and series championship players.

LOJGA Scholarship