MGA Hall of Fame 2005-2016 publication

MGA Hall of Fame 2017 Publication

MGA Hall of Fame 2020 Publication

Women’s Bernice Edlund Award and Life Members

MGA HALL OF FAME – The MGA Hall of Fame has been in existence since 2005. Only the MGA Board of Directors have been able to nominate people. Starting in 2021 anyone may nominate people to be considered.

A committee of the MGA Board members will then consider the nominees for induction. The committee will then forward those candidates deemed worthy to the entire Board of Directors of the MGA for voting. A two-thirds vote will still be necessary for a candidate to be inducted.

One of these categories must be met: A distinguished amateur career, A distinguished professional career, Distinguished service to the game of golf in the state of Missouri

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Current and immediate past-president of the MGA and geographic representatives of the state of Missouri, as chosen by the President. (SE, SW, KC, StL)

The Missouri Golf Association Board of Directors have inducted the following into the MGA Hall of Fame.

Bob Cochran
Jim Jackson
Ken Lanning
Jim Manion
Tom Watson

Bonner Miller
Elliott Whitbread
K.G. Wells
Payne Stewart

Bob Reid
Bruce Hollowell

Ron Boyce
Bill Ludwig
Dr. Bill Fricke, Jr.
Luther “Buddy” Godwin

Jim Patton
Bob Rafferty

Jim Tom Blair III

Christian Kenney

Bob Willits

Don Bliss
Jim Holtgrieve

Scott Bess
Dr. J. Paul Leslie
Bill Stewart

Barbara Berkmeyer
Ellen Port
Judy Rankin

Jack Garvin
Dennis Goettel
Scott Thomas