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Welcome to the new feature for your GHIN App! Note: If you do not see “Play with GPS” on your home screen under Post a Score, you will need to install the latest update from your app store.

After months of tireless work by the USGA GHIN Staff, we are excited to announce that GPS is now available in the GHIN Mobile App! This brings us one step closer to our vision of providing GHIN golfers with a seamless experience and the tools they need to play and post in one app.

With the introduction of GPS, GHIN golfers can now access maps for thousands of courses worldwide and play with GPS as part of their GHIN Membership. This includes touch point GPS distances to anywhere on the course and distance to the center of the green, as shown below.

Q: Are both the Standard and Enhanced GPS features available for all courses?

A: Nearly all U.S. courses and most international courses have the standard GPS and course maps available, while most U.S. courses have the enhanced green view features (e.g. approach heat map and putt break map).

If your course is not mapped, please Contact Us

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