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 2015 Parent-Child Championship

The Club at Porto Cima

Monday, July 27 & Tuesday, July 28

Missouri Golf Association

If you have not seen your designated FLIGHT or TEE TIME yet please click here


 (This NOTICE TO COMPETITORS supplements any information on the MGA hard card)

Men’s Tees:

Players from the ages

16-49 will play from the Black Tees set up at 6564 Yards

50-64 will play from the Gold Tees set up at 6303 Yards

65 and Over will play from the Blue Tees set up at 6039 Yards

Boys from the ages of 15 and under will play from the Blue Tees set up at 6039 Yards

Women’s Tees:

Players from the ages of:

16-49 will play from the White Tees set up at 5810 Yards

50 and over will play from the Red tees set up at 5450 Yards

You have one Scorecard length up everywhere except in hazards on Scramble Holes. You must hole all putts.

To view hole yardages click the link: Yardages and Course Set Up


Holes 1-6             SCRAMBLE

Holes 7-12           ALTERNATE SHOT

Holes 13-18         BEST BALL

*Players must play the ball as it lies on the Best Ball and Alternate Shot Holes.


Discontinuance of Play: Note under rule 6-8b and the optional Condition set forth in Appendix 1 of the USGA Rules of Golf shall be in effect. All practice areas shall be closed during suspension for a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open. Penalty for breach of the Local Rule: Disqualification.

Cellular Phone Use: The use of portable telecommunications equipment is strictly prohibited. Breach of the Condition could result in Disqualification.