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fore state mo wins 2016

Missouri women’s Fore State Team looks to snap championship drought

July 30th West Newsmagazine Article, William Mayes

Fore State Team Championship
Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas
August 1-2, 2016
Rolling Hills Country Club
222 S Westlink
Wichita, Kansas 67209

The Fore State Team Championship was established in 1995 to promote a friendly rivalry among amateur women golfers from the four border states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.  The competition is held annually in August with each state taking their turn to host the event. The rotation schedule is Kansas 2016, Missouri 2017, Oklahoma 2018 and Arkansas 2019…

Team Missouri, a big thank you for agreeing to play for team Missouri. I know we are all busy with our everyday lives and I appreciate you all taking the time and making an effort to help Missouri win the cup!  Stephany Powell, Captain


Kayla Eckelkamp, Washington

Kelly Osborne, Ballwin

Lindsey Eisenreich, Fenton

Carmen Titus, Kansas City

Elizabeth Leath, Chesterfield

Kelly Welker, Perryville

2016 Seniors

Pam Simpson, Kansas City

Kathy Glennon, St Albans

Dee Johnson, Perryville

Diane Chancellor, St Albans

Tina Jones, Wildwood

Tammy Harmon, Kansas City


Have to be a current member of the MWGA
Entry Fee $150

ENTRY FEE helps to cover the following:

Team entry fee $1800, team shirt(s), 2 night hotel accommodations, social event, luncheons, and 4 rounds of golf.

TEAM – 12 members
TEAM CAPTAIN: Stephany Powell –  Rules Official:

Six of every Fore State Teams player’s shall be designated as Amateur players who will be age 39 or less by July 14 of the Championship year. Another six players age 40 or over by July 14 of the Championship year shall be designated as the Mid-Amateur Division. Additional parameters for selection and support of each Fore State Team players, Team Captain and/or Assistant Team Captain and Rules Official shall be at the discretion of that States Association.


Sunday – July 31
Practice Round
Monday – Aug 1
8 AM First Round, Four Ball Matches – 12 players each state
PM Second Round, Foursome Matches – 12 players each state
Tuesday – Aug 2
8 AM Final Round, Singles Matches – 12 players each state
Awards luncheon


If you live in Johnson County, Kansas you are eligible to participate on the Missouri Fore-State Team if a “Declaration of Intent” is received. A Declaration of Intent has to be completed and mailed to the MWGA office by May 26th.
Declaration of intent for Fore State


Fore State Team Bylaws for format and team composition rules:

Fore State Team Championship ByLaws
Revised December 6, 2013)


The name of this organization shall be the Fore State Team Championship.


PURPOSE-The purpose of the Fore State Team Championship shall be:

  1. To provide a Regional Team Championship among participating Women’s State Golf Associations promoting friendly competition and sportsmanship.
  2. To provide an opportunity for all ages of state association members to compete in the Fore State Team Championship.


Section 1-MEMBERSHIP – Membership of the organization shall consist of the Women’s State Golf Associations from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Any additional states may be added with the unanimous approval of the member states. Membership in this organization imposes the obligation of each state to host the Fore State Team Championship once every four years. The rotation shall follow the alphabetical order of the states, beginning with Arkansas in 1995, Kansas in 1996, Missouri in 1997, and Oklahoma in 1998. If circumstances warrant, changes in the rotation are allowed. For travel purposes, the host site should be easily accessible to all states.

Section 2-TEAM MEMBERS – Each Fore State Team shall be comprised of 12 players who shall be dues-paying members of that state’s golf association; a legal resident of the state she represents other than those players residing in Johnson County, KS and have competed in at least one event sponsored by that state’s golf association within the past three years. If a player resides in Johnson County, Kansas, meets the eligibility requirements of Missouri and desires to represent Missouri, Missouri must submit an annual signed declaration by player(s) to the Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma Team Captains on or before June 1 and by electronic mail for that player to be eligible for Missouri. Six of every Fore State Teams player’s shall be designated as Amateur players who will be age 39 or less by July 14 of the Championship year. Another six players age 40 or over by July 14 of the Championship year shall be designated as the Mid-Amateur Division. Additional parameters for selection and support of each Fore State Team players, Team Captain and/or Assistant Team Captain and Rules Official shall be at the discretion of that States Association.



  1. Date – The Championship will be held as close as possible to the 1st of August. Consideration should be given to the dates of the US Women’s Amateur. Tee times will begin at 8:00 a.m. each day of the competition. Caddies are not allowed.
  2.  Format – The first round will be Four-Ball Matches with 12 players from each state. The second round will be Foursome Matches with 12 players from each state. The third round will be Single Matches with 12 players from each state. The first and second round will be played on the first day. The Amateur players will compete against Amateur players and the Mid-Amateur against Mid-Amateur players.
  3.  Course- The course will be set up from 6000-6200 yards for the Amateurs and 5600-5800 for the Mid-Amateurs. The Amateurs will tee off #1 for the first and third Match, #10 for the second match. Mid-Amateurs will tee off on opposite tees.
  4.  Scoring – All points from the Amateur and the Mid-Amateur Divisions will be combined for one team total. The winner of each match will receive one point. If a match results in a tie, each side of the match will receive ½ point.
  5.  Play-Off – Upon completion of the final match of the final round, if there is a tie in the team totals for 1st place, there will be a sudden victory playoff beginning on the first hole with each Captain choosing one player from their Amateur Players and one player from their Mid-Amateur Players to compete in a hole by hole sudden victory Four-Ball Match. Each player will play from her designated yardage.

Section 2Advice Team Captains will be allowed to give advice to Team Members. Assistant Captains will not be allowed to give advice to team members. USGA Rules of Golf, Note under Rule 8.


Section 1-AMENDMENTS – Any proposed amendments to these bylaws would be made by a quorum of State Team Captains. Amendments must be presented to and voted on by each States Board of Directors. Amendments must be passed by a Quorum of member state associations. A 30-day discussion period following a second motion is required prior to a vote. Each Board of Directors will send their vote to all team Captains and the result of votes will be recorded in each States Minutes.

Section 2– GOVERNING BODY OF CHAMPIONSHIP– The Fore State Championship Committee will be the governing body. This shall include the Captain and another member from each member state association. Each state will have two votes. The Committee is responsible for any on site decisions, including but not limited to weather delays, round cancellations, or changes that might be necessary to the format. Regardless of weather, the goal will be to produce a Fore State Champion. Each year the representatives from the host state shall act as Chairman and Assistant Chairman. It is suggested that at least one representative from each state shall have previously served on this committee or played on their state’s team. The Chairman shall designate a person from the host state to break ties if needed, at any meeting.

Section 3 – MEETINGS – The Championship committee shall convene 45 minutes prior to the Fore State Reception. The Host Captain and Host Rules Official Chair shall co-chair the meeting. A meeting of the Championship Committee shall meet upon call by the Chairman or upon request of any two members of the committee at any other time. E-mail meetings and voting are allowed.

Section 4– QUORUM – A quorum shall be a majority of member states.


Section 1- HOST CHAMPIONSHIP CHAIRMAN-shall be appointed by the Host State, may not be the team captain and shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Lodging- Arrange for motel/hotel or private housing. Information should be forwarded to each state team captain as soon as possible.
  2. Registration – Set up registration table 1 hour prior to the first practice round tee time and distribute team packets to the four Team Captains. Guests are welcome at any social event. Each Captain shall be responsible for notifying the Host Captain of number of guests no later than 5 days prior to Practice Round and shall be responsible for the payment of all guests by the conclusion of the awards luncheon.
  3. Packets- Put together Captain’s Packets to include Booklet, Pairings, Worksheets, Rules Sheets, Scorecard and designated picture time.
  4. Booklet-Shall prepare a Championship Booklet containing but not limited to Team Member, Captain, Assistant Captain and Rules Official Information for each team, important phone numbers, range open and close times, history of the championship, names of local restaurants and committee members. She shall also include the name and address of Head Golf Professional and Host Championship Chairman.
  5. Social – A Fore State reception shall be arranged for the evening of the practice round. This should be a casual event with a cash bar and a buffet dinner. A Box lunch shall be arranged between rounds on first day of competition and an awards luncheon on the final day.
  6. Publicity – shall be responsible for sending results of matches and team totals following play each day to a designated publicity chair from each State.
  7. Scoreboard – Scoreboard will be kept by host pro or designated individual.
  8. Scorecards and Pairings. Shall be responsible for all Scorecards and Pairings for all three rounds of competition.
  9. Forecaddies – Forecaddies should be used on the course to assist pace of play and will be secured by Host State.
  10. Photography – Arrange for a photographer to take team photographs before first round of play, during the Championship and awards luncheon. Fifteen pictures shall be made for each team to be distributed at the awards luncheon.
  11.  Finance – The Host State is responsible for all expenses for the tournament and for securing a contract with Site. Contract must specify Split-tee starts both days. Entry fee for each State is $1800.00 payable to Host Association. Entry fee will cover 4 rounds of golf, which includes the practice round for 12 players and all social events for 12 players plus one Team Captain and one Rules Official. Each state shall bring a separate check to pay for medallions to be collected at registration.
  12.  Flags  Responsible for displaying Fore State flags.  Flags shall be given to the following years host association upon completion of awards luncheon.


Section 1 – TEAM CAPTAINS – Each state shall appoint a NON-PLAYING CAPTAIN. The Captain may appoint an Assistant Captain. The applicable state will be charged the guest rate for meals for the Assistant Captain. The Team Captains shall:

  1. Provide Team Member information that includes: name, email address, Handicap Index as of 2nd revision in July, and date-of-birth.  If possible, the list shall be sent to the Host Captain at least two weeks prior to the tournament date.  The name, email address, and phone number of the Captain, Assistant Captain, (if applicable), and the Rules Official shall be included with this list. Notify the Host Team Captain of your Rules Official information as soon as possible.
  2. Make hotel reservations for team members and self.
  3. Designate team line-up.  Four-Ball Match line-up shall be turned in after the practice round and/or before the start of the cocktail party.  Foursome Match line-up shall be turned in within 30 minutes following completion of last Four-Ball Match.  Singles match line-up shall be turned in within one hour of completion of last Foursome Match.
  4. Match results should be reported to scoreboard as soon as possible either by radio of a team captain, a Rules Official, or by the player herself.
  5. Shall wear the same uniform as her team and wear a nametag designating her as “Captain.”  The colors designated for each state are:  Arkansas-green; Kansas-blue; Missouri-black and Oklahoma-red. Variations in shades of color within the same family are acceptable.


  1. Shall make and notify the Team Captains of their practice round tee times. (Travel distance will be a determining factor in Tee Time order)
  2. Shall coordinate communication among captains.
  3. Shall notify all Captains of Host Club’s outside beverage policy.

Section 3 – OFFICIALS – Each State shall bring a designated Rules Official. Dress for all Rules officials will be Khaki bottoms, white shirts and a name- tag.

Section 4 -HOST RULES OFFICIAL – will chair the rules committee, coordinate communication among officials and be responsible for:

  1. Provide 15 copies of Rules Sheets to be included in the Captains packets at registration.
  2. Course Set Up and Rules Sheets.
  3. Designate two starters for each round. Provide rules sheets and scorecards to starters prior to each round.
    1. Starters will be responsible for setting up Starters Box, distributing scorecards and rules sheets.

 If you have questions or would like to know more about becoming a member of a future MWGA Missouri Fore State Team, contact the ForeState/USGA Team Director at