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June 8, 2017  – The Missouri Women’s Golf Education Association would like to announce and congratulate the 2017 MWGEA Scholarship Award Recipients.

2017 MWGEA Scholarship Awards

In 1997 The MWGA established the Missouri Women’s Golf Education Association, Inc. (MWGEA) as a Missouri not-for-profit corporation. The mission of the MWGEA is to grant scholarships to graduating high school young women from Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas, on one occasion per high school graduate by encouraging club and individual members of the MWGA to participate in and contribute to fund raising endeavors.

Scholarships are given in recognition of overall high school records and golf achievements. One of these scholarships has been named in honor of Mary Jane Landreth in recognition of her generous contributions to the MWGEA, Inc.   In addition to the MWGEA, Inc. scholarships, the Shepherd Foundation of St. Louis, Missouri donates one or more scholarships to the MWGEA, Inc. These scholarship known as the Susan E. Shepherd Memorial Scholarships are awarded by the MWGA following the same criteria used for the MWGEA, Inc. scholarships.

Caitlin Ung

Among other accomplishments

  • Student Council President
  • All-Conference All-Academic Award for Golf and Swim
  • Scholar Athlete of the Year 2015-16
  • Positive Peer Influence Person of the Year- 2016
  • 4.36 GPA

An excerpt from Caitlin’s essay… “Post-It notes are tangible items that help me visualize taking steps to accomplish my goals. There is nothing more satisfying than crumpling up the Post-It note after I have achieved an accomplishment.”


Julia Bower

Among other accomplishments

  • Class 2 Missouri Golf State Champion 2016
  • Student Council Vice President
  • Volunteer for Columbia Golf Foundation
  • Varsity Golf and Soccer (2013-2016)
  • 3.68 GPA

An excerpt from Julia’s essay… “I have learned a lot about myself these past few years, and have made numerous memories on the course. I cannot wait to continue my golf career at the University of Missouri and I believe that I am where I am today largely due to the experiences I had during summer golf playing in MGA and MWGA tournaments.”

Emily Guzy

Among other accomplishments

  • Student Council Executive Board Commissioner of Philanthropy
  • Missouri Golf State Champion 2016
  • Soup Kitchen Server at St. Peter and Paul Soup Kitchen
  • Student Ambassador
  • 4.27 GPA

An excerpt from Emily’s essay… “The qualities that I believe truly set me apart are my incredible work ethic, passion for helping others, and desire to produce outstanding results. These traits are evident in my ability to excel in academics, golf, service, and all my other extracurricular activities.”

Emma Solovic

Among other accomplishments

  • 2016 Missouri Golf All-State
  • National Honor Society
  • Volunteer at Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Suburban West Conference Player of the Year Girls Golf- 2014,2015
  • 4.38 GPA

An excerpt from Emma’s essay… “Golf is a game of mistakes and a learning experience. By being optimistic, I am able to forget and move on from bad shots and unfortunate situations. This aspect has also helped me in my personal life and school, which I am grateful for,”

Alexandria Briscoe

Among other accomplishments

  • Ranked #1 out of 329 in graduation class
  • Golf All-District 2016
  • DECA President
  • Completed over 150 community service hours
  • 5.0 GPA

An excerpt from Alexandria’s essay… “ In life, there will be challenges that one must adapt to. I had to learn how to play with the bad shots, and mentally overcome the extra strokes.”

Ally Franks

Among other accomplishments

  • Varsity Golf- four years
  • Speech and Debate Medalist
  • French Club Vice President
  • Philosophy Club Treasurer
  • 3.82 GPA

An excerpt from Ally’s essay… “ I am a very hard worker, dedicated, thorough and will not stop working until I reach my desired success. I put my all into everything I do; whether it’s sports, school, or even making dinner”

Taylor French

Among other accomplishments

  • Golf All State- 2015, 2016
  • Varsity Letter in Golf, Soccer, and Basketball
  • 2014 Gateway Jr PGA Player of the Year
  • 240 hours of community service with Street Reach Memphis Missions Trip (2011-2016)
  • 3.91 GPA

An excerpt from Taylor’s essay… “I have worked extremely hard in both my academic and athletic opportunities. I put in extra effort so that I can see the reward on the other side.”

Kylie Gannan

Among other accomplishments

  • 2 year State Golf Qualifier
  • Science Club President
  • 2016 Missouri Girls State Delegate
  • National Honor Society Vice President
  • 4.13 GPA

An excerpt from Kylie’s essay… “When I think of what makes someone capable of succeeding in life, three qualities come to mind: dedication, focus, and drive to achieve their goals. Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to achieving my goals in each of the organizations and activities I am involved in.”