Jr. Golf Tournament Rules and Policy

/Jr. Golf Tournament Rules and Policy
Jr. Golf Tournament Rules and Policy2015-12-19T10:22:08-05:00

By entering an MWGA event, the player understands that this entry is subject to approval or rejection by the Tournament Committee, including during the Junior Championship. The reason for rejection may include unbecoming conduct.  The player expressly assumes all risk of injury and agrees to hold the MWGA harmless, and indemnify it from any liability in connection therewith. The Player must read the Tournament Regulations, Information and Schedule of Events, and understand that the player will be participating in the Junior Championship unless notification has been received that the player’s entry has not been accepted. Accepted entries will be notified by email and also verified on the website.

Play is governed by the Rules of Golf as adopted by the USGA, and where applicable, by the Local Rules and consistent with those Rules.

ANCHORING THE CLUB: effective January 1, 2016

The MWGA along with the United States Golf Association and The R&A, golf’s governing bodies, announced the adoption of Rule 14-1b of the Rules of Golf that prohibits anchoring the club in making a stroke. The new Rule will take effect on January 1, 2016, in accordance with the regular four-year cycle for changes to the Rules of Golf.

USGA: Rule 14-1b (Anchoring the Club) Resources

RANGEFINDERS: Rangefinders which measure distance only are allowed.

DRESS CODE:  Proper golf attire is mandatory in all phases of the Championship. Denim and tennis attire are prohibited.  Contestant may wear slacks, shorts or skorts. Tight slacks, shorts or skorts are prohibited.  Tank-like or cropped shirts (above the waist) are prohibited.  If the shirt is sleeveless, it must have a collar; if sleeved, a collar is not required. This dress code shall be strictly enforced. Players in doubt should have other clothing available in case their attire is deemed unacceptable. Competitors late to the tee due to changing clothing may be penalized in accordance with Rule 6-3, Time of Starting and Groups. Lack of proper shoes will not allow you access to a course where spikeless shoes are mandatory.

Junior Amateur – Contestants must walk; contestants are not permitted to have a caddie.  Players may use their own pull carts. Rangefinders which measure distance only are allowed.

In the event of inclement weather and the course is deemed unplayable USGA Rules of Golf 33-2d is in effect as well as the procedure in discontinuing and resuming play.  (Rule 6-8.)

Release of publicity photos The MWGA may arrange for promotion of this Championship for radio, television, and broadcasting and other exhibition and publication of this Championship, including the MWGA Website. By entering this competition, the legal guardian consents to the use by the MWGA, or persons authorized by the MWGA, of the player’s name, likeness, voice and references to her and photographs and other images of her and her play connected with her appearance in this Championship or any portion(s) thereof, in connection with such media promotion, broadcasting and other exhibition and publication of this Championship.