2018 Missouri Junior Tour Point Standings

/2018 Missouri Junior Tour Point Standings
2018 Missouri Junior Tour Point Standings2017-12-05T15:32:56-05:00

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To qualify to be invited to attend the season ending MJT Championship at Osage National GC will be based on points accumulated during the 2017 season. These points will also be used to decide the MGA Junior Player of the Year and eligibility to be invited to the Southern Cup Match Team event in Mississippi (players 16 and over)


1st = 50 pts. 2nd = 40 pts. 3rd = 35 pts. 4th = 30 pts. 5th = 28 pts. 6th = 26 pts. 7th = 24 pts. 8th = 22 pts. 9th = 20 pts. 10th = 18 pts. 11th =16 pts 12th =14 pts. 13th =12 pts. 14th =10 pts. 15th =8 pts. 16th = 6 pts. 17th =4 pts. 18th = 3 pts. 19th = 2 pts. 20th = 1 pt

The points system will be updated after each event and posted at each tournament site. All ties will split the total points awarded for those places. Only 5 events will be counted in the season point standings. If the participant plays all six events the lowest point total of one event will be excluded from their final point total.

Any ties at the end of the year will be broken by 1) Most 1st place finishes. 2) Most events played. 3) Most top 5 finishes.


Our Championship will be played on Sunday, July 23rd and Monday, July 24th with tee times beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday and 8:30 a.m. on Monday. The top 12-point leaders and ties from the 18-hole divisions and the top 9-point leaders from the 9 hole divisions will qualify for this Championship. Entry fee for the two-day championship -$50.00 for the 18-Hole division and $20.00 for the 9-Hole division. Following play there will be a cook out and pool party along with the Scholarship Awards.