JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Mar. 18, 2024) – The Missouri Golf Association is pleased to announce that it will partner with LaRue Artesian Spring Water, a local water bottling company based out of Potosi, Missouri, for the 2024 season. LaRue will provide water to golfers at several MGA events this summer.

“The Missouri Golf Association is thrilled to partner with a Missouri-based company in 2024,” said MGA Executive Director Scott Hovis. “In this partnership with LaRue, we are excited to offer delicious artesian water to our golfers at events all summer long while also supporting a local, family-owned business from right here in our home state.”

LaRue Artesian Spring Water entered the market in 2020, founded by Chris McCaul and Amy Eisenbeis. The water is bottled from a historical fountainhead nestled in the Ozark Mountains. 

“LaRue Artesian Spring Water is thrilled for the partnership with MGA for the upcoming summer golf season, combining excellence in hydration with the ‘spirit of the game,’” said the LaRue team.

LaRue water will be provided at seven MGA championships this summer, including the Missouri Amateur Championship, the Women’s Amateur Championship and the Junior Amateur Championship. Players will receive complimentary LaRue Artesian Spring Water throughout the events. During each round at these championship events, players can enjoy the crisp taste of artesian water bottled in Missouri. 

The Missouri Golf Association looks forward to growing their relationship with LaRue Artesian Spring Water and providing local water from a family-owned business to thousands of players across the state. 

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About MGA

The Missouri Golf Association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf throughout the State of Missouri. The Missouri Golf Association was started in St. Louis in 1905 to run the Amateur Championship. Four founding clubs would be the ones in existence in St. Louis in those early years – St. Louis Country Club, Algonquin Golf Club, Glen Echo Golf Club and Normandie Golf Club. Four years later, the invite-only Missouri Amateur was held in Kansas City at Evanston Club. 1911 marked the real organization of the MGA with Bonner Miller as Secretary and Executive Director. Ever since then, the MGA has striven to provide tournaments and spaces for Missouri golfers to sharpen their skills and enjoy the game.

About LaRue Artesian Spring Water

LaRue Artesian Spring Water is known for its cool, pure, and crisp taste. Sourced from a natural aquifer deep beneath the pristine forests in the Ozark Highlands, our water undergoes state-of-the-art filtration processes to preserve its natural minerals and freshness. Discover the refreshing difference of LaRue Artesian Spring Water today.