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Carts may be rented by spectators based on course availability – the daily fee is determined by each individual club.

  • Caddies must walk at all times unless otherwise noted and may not rent a cart.
  • Spectator carts must stay on the cart path at ALL times. If the course or a particular hole doesn’t have cart paths, then the cart must stay in the rough at all times.
  • Carts may only move forward on the golf course (from tee to green) except in case of a weather evacuation.
  • Carts may not move while competitors are playing a stroke.
  • Only 2 spectators per cart are allowed; except during evacuation.
  • Spectator carts will NOT be used for shuttling of players from green to tee unless stated on the Notice to Players (Local Rules sheet) that is given to each player.
  • Spectator carts will be used to assist with evacuation of players and spectators and may leave the cart path as necessary during an evacuation.
  • Spectator carts may carry water for players but no golf equipment and may also carry any other spectator’s items such as umbrellas etc..

How to Properly Follow a Group 

(Where you should stand, walk or follow)

  • Follow your players from a distance (at least 25 yards) and stay in the rough or on the cart paths.
  • You should NOT be in the fairway. Stay to the side of the action and remain still and quite while all players play.
  • Do not lag behind the participants as this often delays the group behind.
  • Move forward to the putting green when all shots have been completed.

Putting Green – Spectators must never be on the putting surface and should observe the putting green from a reasonable distance that will not interfere with the players

Looking for Balls – Please help spot balls for all players. Spectators are encouraged to watch each player’s shot closely and may assist searching for a lost ball during the five-minute search period.

(Failure to follow these policies can result in your cart being taken away at any time and may result in your privileges being suspended for future events.)

These guidelines may be amended at any time by the MWGA.