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For many years the women golfers of Missouri wished to be represented at the major tournaments by a State Champion; and since the old state organization had dissolved some years past, a group of representative women, golfers throughout the state, gathered at the Blue Hills Club in Kansas City on July 15, 1935, and reorganized the Women’s Missouri Golf Association.

The first tournament was held over the Kansas City Country Club course, with a total of 104 entries. From then on the number of contestants increased and because of the assured survival of the newly organized Association, some of the members of the old organization assembled their remaining assets and in 1937 presented the present Women’s Missouri Golf Association with a beautiful perpetual championship trophy. This gesture was a challenge for the new organization to branch out and interest more out-state women in tournament golf, and today our roster of over 750 women members includes golfers from 81 clubs in various sections of our state. Successful tournaments have been held in Joplin, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Mexico, Springfield, St. Louis, Excelsior Springs; and each year the names of new contestants are being added to the list of entrants, which is evidence of the growth and scope of the activities of our Association.

The Officers, Directors and Advisory Members acknowledge with appreciation the fine spirit of cooperation from the clubs and members which has made the Missouri Women’s Golf Association an outstanding and successful organization. NOTE: As the growth of women’s golf evolved, so too did the WMGA. Therefore, in 1992, the Association was formally reorganized with new Bylaws and Incorporated; and became known as the Missouri Women’s Golf Association, open to all amateur female golfers in the state of Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas.

It continues the pursuit of amateur women’s golf in the state of Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas. It takes an active interest in all phases of women’s golf including competition within the Junior area by sending an annual team of five junior girl golfers to the Four State Competition–Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri–to determine the best girl golfers within the four states.

In 1995 the MWGA began participating in a new event, the Fore State Team Championship, in which teams of 10 women from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma compete annually in three different tournament formats.

The MWGA also forms teams of volunteers to rate golf courses throughout the state of Missouri. It works hand in hand with the USGA and other state associations to insure that our course ratings are up to date and that our raters are qualified to render those ratings.

One of our most rewarding duties is granting scholarships to junior girls annually. These scholarships are funded not only by the Missouri Women’s Golf Education Association, Inc. but also by the Shepherd Foundation which allows the MWGA to award the Susan E. Shepherd Memorial Scholarship annually. We will continue to build our scholarship fund through the efforts of our generous membership.

By Mrs. George O. Donnovan

History of MWGA and MGA Alliance, January 1, 2012

Jayne Watson final copy

Dear Members, (by Jane Watson, MWGA President)

These are certainly exciting times for the Association! I have been working for several years to determine how we can qualify for a USGA P. J. Boatwright grant intern! It’s not easy the way we are organized. First of all, the USGA requires that we maintain an office; secondly he/she requires daily supervision which we obviously cannot give; and finally that he/she work a 30-40 hour week.

Our problems are primarily administrative. We have been unable to attract women to serve on our Board for specialized jobs. Many members are in school, have small children, work or like me getting too old!  We maintain a certain financial stability but we must maintain it.    As we upgrade our Championships, we have tee markers, tee boxes, scoring sheets, tents, radios, computers, printers, flags, office supplies and copy machines which are transported to championship sites. We rely on the same few Board members who own vans or SUVs’. They ask no remuneration and are glad to do it, but…….. Then the equipment must be set-up, used, packed, stored in various homes until the next tournament.   When a new Treasurer is elected, we must go through the process of moving our accounts to the new Treasurer’s city.  It is ridiculous. The paper work grew. Our frustration grew. We have had meetings previous to this year to no avail.  I have spoken over the years to Mark Passey, our USGA Regional Director and Scott Hovis, Executive Director of the MGA among others. Finally this year, I received a call from Scott informing me that the USGA has offered an intern, in perpetuity for four months a year with certain requirements. Those requirements are with MGA Board approval;  the MWGA can rent office space, use their staff and have intern oversight by Scott under the direction of our President.   The spring meeting of the Board met on April 18, 2011, at the Payne Stewart GC, in Branson, where the idea of an alliance was discussed. A special meeting of the Board was held on May 17 at Glen Echo CC. When Mark Passey was in St Louis, I called another Board meeting on May 27th, at Greenbriar HCC with Mark and Scott. At that time, Mark strongly suggested I appoint a small committee to continue the negotiations. I appointed; Nancy Sebastian, Sue Browning, Beth Chancellor, Cissy LeGear, Ronnie Burg and I have been acting as the temporary chairman of the Alliance Committee.  We met on June 21st at Boone Valley GC, saw the MGA trailer and again on July 5th, in Jefferson City where we became acquainted with the office.   Finally, at the Annual Board Meeting on July 25th at the Payne Stewart Golf Club, the Board unanimously approved the Alliance, through the USGA with the MGA. We have the option of breaking away any time with a letter to the USGA and the MGA. We will remain totally independent of the MGA and our Board will continue to operate as we do today.   Our first order of business will be to apply for an USGA grant in September. If accepted, we will interview and hire an intern in Jefferson City. We will rent office/storage space from the MGA. The MGA will provide daily supervision of our intern under the direction of our President.  During the winter months, when we have no intern, the MGA office staff will provide services as needed. The charges for these services are minimal. We must provide office furniture, so we are looking for cash donations, desks, chairs, 6 foot collapsible tables, storage shelving, and office supplies. In the fall months ahead we will collect our existing equipment and any donated furniture then begin our physical move to Jefferson City. We hope to be operational by January 1, 2012. We will open permanent bank accounts in Jefferson City, finally one site!  Membership dues and Entry fees will be collected and deposited in our account with accounting to our treasurer.   The MWGEA, with Dr. Jean Butterfield as President will remain an independent Corporation.   Ladies, I came back to this great Association because I felt I could help and there was no one else!  Finally, time has come for me to retire since I am no longer capable of doing the job at the level I wish; therefore I am resigning effective October 1, 2011. Nancy Sebastian, just elected Vice-President will assume the Presidency. I can think of no other member as capable and ready to work. She has a wonderful grasp on what needs to be done. I take this moment to wish Nancy and her Board of Directors well. The next year may be bumpy, we have no delusions but once in place it will be so much easier on the Board. Hopefully, the membership will notice little change but take notice of a smoother running association. We join several other state associations who have entered this type of alliance under the auspices of the USGA.   On behalf of the Board of Directors, I ask for your support and help. If you wish to make a donation, please contact me. You always support the MWGA in time of need. This is the time for us to go forward and grow. Many thanks for your friendship and support but mostly the memories I will always cherish!    Best regards,   Jayne Watson, President