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Jack Garvin, MGA Director and Historian has published an entire book on the 107 year History of the Men's Amateur and the 99 year History of the women's Amateur. You can order through Pay Pal. The link is inside the Amateur Book ad above or call us and we will take care of your order. 573.636.8994

If you are in the area you can purchase the book at:
Rainy Day Books
2706 W. 53rd Street
Fairway, KS 66205

$35 per book

Missouri's score posting season ends on November 15th.

The authorized golf associations set active and inactive seasons for clubs to follow in their area. If a round is played on a course that is observing an inactive season, that score is unacceptable for handicap purposes. However, if a member whose golf club is currently observing an inactive season plays at a course observing an active season, that score must be posted to the scoring record.

For example, if a member of a golf club in Missouri plays golf in Florida in January, the scores from Florida are acceptable, and must be returned to the club in Michigan.

Please visit Sections 6-2, 8-3, and Decision 6-2/1 of the USGA Handicap System manual for further information.

Have you tried the MGA GHIN Mobile app for posting scores yet? This is particularly handy during the winter months when you are out of state playing golf. You can post the round right to your app in seconds. You can also look up your course handicap or your partners course handicap. Try it out today. We think you will love it.

Go to your iTunes App Store and search for “GHIN”
Android Phone: Go to Google Play and search for "GHIN"
Make sure you choose the one with the official GHIN logo and the FREE one.

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