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Missouri's score posting season will begin on March 1.

Be sure your GHIN fees are paid at your home club before then. If you have any questions contact us at 573.636.8994

Have you tried the MGA GHIN Mobile app for posting scores yet? This is particularly handy during the winter months when you are out of state playing golf. You can post the round right to your app in seconds. You can also look up your course handicap or your partners course handicap. Try it out today. We think you will love it.

Go to your iTunes App Store and search for “GHIN”
Android Phone: Go to Google Play and search for "GHIN"
Make sure you choose the one with the official GHIN logo and the FREE one.

MGA Member Clubs:
Missouri Golf Association has partnered with Principal to offer you voluntary products such as Life, Dental and Vision at a pre-negotiated cost. This partnership will allow both large and small association members to access voluntary products quickly and easily without having to obtain quotes and go through underwriting. Principal has also given all members that participate, a one-time offer of $60,000 in Employee Voluntary Life benefits with no health questions.

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