“In their own words…”

This scholarship means the world to me. The MGA and the MWGA have been some of my favorite tournaments to play in for the last few years. Being selected for this scholarship is very meaningful to me. I am excited to continue my golf career and schooling for the next four years. I want to thank all of the workers that work very hard to make all the tournaments run efficiently. I can not thank my family enough because without golf I wouldn’t be where I am today! Sarah Lewis

Dear Missouri Golf Education Association,
Life is full of ups and downs, success and failure, no matter what the circumstance rise above and be who you were created to be.  Success or failure doesn’t define who you are, your character does.  Have good character and you will always be successful.  Payton Babcock

Dear Missouri Women’s Golf Association,
I would like to take this opportunity to express thanks towards the MWGA for their huge amount of generosity.  I cannot be more thankful and honored to be a recipient of the Susan E. Shepherd Memorial Scholarship.  I am beyond appreciative for the award, and it will go a long way in funding my future college golf career at Missouri State University.  Getting this scholarship will provide assistance for me as I continue pursuing my education.  The MWGA staff members have always been extremely supportive throughout my junior golf career, and this provides yet another example of how their aid has bettered me in a way that will stick with me beyond the high school level.  Once again, I would like to extend my thanks to the scholarship committee and the Missouri Women’s Golf Association.
Sincerely, Lindsey Eisenreich

Dear MWGA,
It was a great surprise and honor to learn that I have been awarded the Susan E. Shepherd Memorial Scholarship from the MWGA.  I would like to personally thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship and all that you have done for the youth in Missouri.  This is a tremendous honor, and after reading Ms. Shepherd’s biography, I believe her to to be a tremendous role model for all young girls.  I sincerely appreciate the opportunities that have been presented to me by the MWGA and this scholarship program.
Golf has not always been a part of my life, and unlike most young golfers, I did not start at a very young age.  I received the chance to learn the game through the Junior Golf program at the Columbia Country Club at the age of twelve.  I did not have a great amount of time to develop my skills before I started high school, but this presented a great challenge to reach my goals.  Once in high school, I played on the varsity squad for four years and was the captain of our team my senior year.  I have a great love for the game and am incredibly grateful for the lessons that I have learned through my golfing experiences.
Although I am not playing golf at the collegiate level, the game will always be important to me.  Golf is truly a game that I can play for the rest of my life, and I am excited about continuing to work toward the “perfect” game.  Thank you again so much for the Susan E. Shepherd Memorial Scholarship.  I am exremely grateful for your generosity!
Sincerely, Katie Martin


Dear Mr. Shepherd,
I want to personally thank you for the Susan E. Shepherd Memorial Scholarship that I received this past week through the Missouri Women’s Golf Association.  I am extremely honored, thrilled, and grateful for being a recipient of this scholarship!  I have read the biography note about Susan E. Shepherd – she was an outstanding woman and role model – fashionable, smart, successful and loved the game of golf — I wish I could have met her.

In a couple of weeks, I will be graduating from St. Joseph’s Academy where I have played four years of varsity golf and been a Captain for the last two years.  I have been playing golf with my Dad since I was seven years old at Norwood Hills Country Club.  Golf has taught me discipline, patience, and integrity — three principles that will continue to guide me on and off the course in the years ahead.
This fall, I will begin a new chapter in my life–studying pre-med at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and playing for the Women’s Golf Team.  Please know that the scholarship will be put to good use to cover book fees and tuition.  I cannot thank you enough for this generous scholarship!
Sincerely, Rachel J. Thompson