All Players selected to be a part of the Hieronymus Cup Teams must be a member of the Missouri Golf Association.

Team Members are selected by points earned in the MGA Point Events.  Listed below

If a player from the West side finishes in third place he will receive the third place points from the Player of the Year points. He will then receive points based on where he finished against the other West side players. So then in return if he was the top finisher out of all the West players in the field then he would receive first place points for the West in the Cup Team Points Category.

So in this example, if the players from the East finished in first and second place then the player from the West gets the first place points for finishing first on his team.

There are two Divisions regular and senior (50+) within each Cup Team

Cup Match Teams:  *collegiate players are not eligible

20 players represent the East side
20 players represent the West side.

The 20 players from each side are chosen by:
>8 of the 20 are chosen from the CURRENT SEASON Cup Team point standings
>8 players are chosen from the CURRENT SEASON Senior Cup Team point standings
>The remaining 4 are chosen by the Captains
2 from the championship division and 2 from the senior division

 MGA Cup Point Events

Missouri Amateur JCCC Memorial, Jefferson City CC US Am
Missouri Four Ball   US Mid Am
Missouri Mid Am The Ozark-Hoover, Westwood Hills CC US Open
Missouri Senior Am Richard Poe Invitational, Gustin GC US Pub Links
Missouri Senior Four Ball Payne Stewart Invitational, Springfield US Senior Am
Missouri Stroke Play   US Senior Open