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ENTRIES – Entries are subject to rejection at any time (including during the Championship) by the MGA.

MGA CHAMPIONSHIP’S REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY – Entry fees will not be refunded after the close of entries. Cancellations before the close of entries will be refunded less a $20 fee.  All returned checks will be charged a fee of $30. If an event is rained out the MGA will refund minus the administration fee.

PRACTICE ROUND – Practice Rounds are not applicable in Senior Series events.

If you are registered for a SS event and the MGA has to change a venue and or a date, you will automatically be entered into the new event date and location. All cancellation policies will apply.


You will be allowed to switch a maximum of two Senior Series events a season without penalty IF done before the deadline date.

Example: If you registered for the Cape Girardeau event and the Dalhousie event and you have to cancel, you are allowed to switch those to another venue without any penalty. IF done before the tournament deadline date.

DRESS CODE – Spikeless shoes do not provide the same degree of traction as metal spikes and you must be careful on hillsides and uneven surfaces. By submission of an application to any MGA tournament, the applicant hereby releases the MGA from any liability in respect to injuries resulting from the use of spikeless shoes. Lack of proper shoes will not allow you access to a course where spikeless shoes are mandatory. Proper golf attire is mandatory in all phases of the Championship. Shirts are required. Tank tops and/or tee shirts are not permitted. Shorts are permitted, provided they are not short shorts or gym shorts. Cut-offs, bathing suits and blue jean cut-offs are not permitted. Players in doubt should have other clothing available in case their attire is deemed unacceptable. Competitors may be required to change clothing in order to practice or compete. Competitors late to the tee due to changing clothing will be penalized in accordance with Rule 6-3, Time of Starting and Groups.

NOTICE CONCERNING AMATEUR STATUS – Participation in MGA events is based upon amateur status. The “Rules of Golf” concerning amateur status apply. The MGA reserves the right to disqualify any participant for a breach of this rule. This includes but not limited to: (i) competing for cash prizes in any amount; (ii) competing for merchandise prizes exceeding $750 in value.

RULES OF GOLF – Play will be governed by the USGA’s “Rules of Golf”. Questions shall be settled by the MGA Championship Committee whose decisions shall be final.

GOLF BALLS – Only brands of golf balls on the USGA’s latest list of conforming brands may be used. Balls with identical markings to be used: The “One Ball Rule” is NOT IN effect.

CONDITIONS, SCHEDULES – The MGA Championship Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein. The decision of the Championship Committee in any matter shall be final.

TIME OF STARTING – The Five Minute Rule, a note to Rule 6-3, will be in effect for all phases of the Championship with the penalty of two (2) strokes in stroke play. A competitor is solely responsible for timely arrival at the correct teeing ground.

DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICESDistance Measuring Devices are allowed in all MGA events. Golfers must continue to post all scores for handicap purposes made with the aid of a device that measures only distance, but not devices that measure additional conditions such as wind or elevation.

This provision follows consistently with the announcement from the United States Golf Association earlier this year that golfers may use distance-only measuring devices in competition, provided such a local Rule has been adopted. But, regardless of whether or not a local Rule has been adopted, any score made using a distance-only measuring device is acceptable for handicap purposes.

However, under the Rules of Golf, golfers must NOT use distance-measuring devices for handicap purposes or in competition that are capable of gauging or measuring other conditions that might affect play, even if such a function is not used. For example, a distance-measuring device that includes a compass and can measure changes in elevation can NOT be used in competition or for handicap purposes. This wording for Decision 5-1f/2