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Points are accumulated during the season to qualify to compete in the Senior Series Tour Championship at Meadow Lake Acres CC. The player must have (turned in a score card) played in at least 4 Senior Series events through the season.


Tour Championship

The top 10 players from each flight qualify for the Tour Championship. That have played in 4 events.

50-54 Open/Net
55-59 Open/Net
60-64 Open/Net
65-69 Open/Net
70 and over Open/Net

The MGA Senior Series Point Breakdown for each age division and flight


First Place

 15 points
Second Place  12 points
Third Place  10 points
Fourth Place   8 points
Fifth Place   6 points
Sixth Place   4 points
Seventh Place   2 points
Eighth Place and above   1 point

Note: in case of ties, the same number of points is awarded to each player tied for that place.