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The Missouri Women’s Golf Association will select annual Players of the Year in the following categories: Women, Junior girls and Senior Women. Players of the year are determined by a point system based on how a participant finishes in the “Point Event”.

MWGA Player of the Year shall be based on the number of points earned within the current calendar year ending October 1.

A player must have participated in at least one MWGA event to be eligible.

All Players must be a member of the Missouri Women’s Golf Association to be eligible to receive points.

Players must play from the Championship Division to be eligible for Player of the Year Points in Stroke Play events.

Team Events – Points are awarded to each player based on results in each flight.
The Four Ball Fundraiser is exempt from player points.

Ties will not be split – each player earns full points. i.e., if two players are tied for 2nd and the 2nd place points are 200, each player will receive 200 points.

It is each player’s responsibility to notify the MWGA of instances when she has earned points, and to ensure the MWGA has awarded any earned points appropriately. Each player should periodically verify her points total and notify the MWGA if she believes there is a discrepancy.

For points earned in non-MWGA events, players must notify the MWGA with official results (i.e. from website link, or from the Tournament Director)

Selection criteria will be separate for the MWGA Player of the Year, MWGA Junior Player of the Year and MWGA Senior Player of the Year. One player may not win both awards. If a Senior or Junior Player wins the MWGA Amateur she will receive those points under the respective Player of the Year Points.

The Player of the Year Point System will be reviewed annually by the MWGA Board of Directors.

Note: This is the second year for the MWGA to recognize a MWGA Player of the Year. We ask that you be patient as we work through the details.