Missouri Junior Tour Spectator Cart Policy

/Missouri Junior Tour Spectator Cart Policy
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2018 Missouri Golf Tour- Conducted by the MGA Junior Golf Foundation

This will be provided at each event.

Spectator Cart – Code of Conduct

We realize that it is enjoyable for friends and family members to watch contestants compete in the Junior Tournaments.  In order to protect the competition and all participants and in keeping with the traditional role of a spectator, we ask that you read and sign the following guidelines for use of a spectator cart.


  • Spectator Carts MUST remain on cart paths or in the rough when cart paths are not available. Be aware of other groups on the course.  (i.e. don’t hold up the group behind you by lagging behind the group you are watching.)
  • Spectator Carts must stay behind the group you are following.
  • BE CAREFUL when talking with the players as this could be construed as giving advice, resulting in a penalty for the player.
  • DO NOT attempt to give rulings or advice.
  • Spectator Carts may only move forward on the golf course (from tee to green) except in case of a weather evacuation.
  • You may use your cart to find a Rules Official.
  • A contestant may only accept transportation in designated shuttle locations. Spectator carts may assist in shuttling players in these areas ONLY.  Otherwise, the player will incur a penalty for accepting automotive transportation in unauthorized areas. 
  • Spectator’s are allowed to help look for balls, carry water, towels, umbrellas, etc,
  • All Spectator’s must Turn cellular phones to silent or vibrate while on the golf course.


This spectator cart policy has been adopted to protect both you and the players.  We require that you adhere to the above mentioned guidelines or you will not be allowed to use a spectator cart for the duration of this year’s championship.

 We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy the 2018 Missouri Golf Tour!

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