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Peg Eddy, Chairperson

As part of the Club’s membership benefit – the course rating service is provided at no charge.

Information from the USGA on Course Rating  Click here.

What is the Course Rating Process?

The USGA Course and Slope Rating is an important piece of the Handicap System. The MWGA relies on volunteer teams in various regions of the state. These teams spend time on each hole and take measurements of the obstacles that are in play from each tee. A USGA Course Rating is based on yardage, effective playing length corrections and 10 obstacle factors to the extent that they affect the scoring ability of the golfer.

How often should a golf course be rated?

The USGA deems it necessary to rerate an existing course every ten years. For newly designed courses, a rating should be revised again following the first five years of existence. A new course experiences many changes during the first years of play, making it necessary to revisit the rating once the course has had to time to mature completely.

Contact the MWGA office if you are ready for the course to be rated by the MWGA Team.

Karen Raithel 573.636.8994 or by email at

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