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For ONLINE RESULTS MGA events 2010 to 2018 Click here

For ONLINE RESULTS MGA Junior events 2010 to 2018 Click here

The following are historical documents put together by our “historian” Jack Garvin. They are MGA events and outside events* that are also MGA Point Events.

Richard Poe aka Cotton* History 1959-2019

The Memorial* aka Dawson 1975-2017 see Mid Am below (combined events in 2018)

Payne Stewart* Invitational 2019

Ozark Invitational* 2019

MGA Amateur 2019

MGA Mid Amateur and Memorial 2019

MGA Junior History 2019

MGA Senior Amateur History 2017

MGA Stroke Play History 2019

MGA Four Ball History 2019

MGA Senior 4 Ball History 2019

MGA Cup Matches History 2019

Mo Open 2014