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The Missouri Women’s Golf Association (MWGA) junior golf program is open to all females in the state and Johnson County, KS. Junior Age Limit: All girls through 17 years of age and 18 year old high school senior girls graduating by September 1.

We encourage all girls to compete in the MWGA Junior Amateur the Missouri Golf Association (MGA) Amateur and the MGA Junior Match Play.

  • It is an important goal of the MWGA is to promote the game and foster new generations as they discover the joys and benefits of learning how to play golf.
  • We wish to provide junior players with the opportunities to learn the game, play the game, and excel in life through the game.
  • We want to assist the development of each girl towards building a good foundation in the game by learning the rules and developing a sharp sense of etiquette when playing golf.
  • We believe these tools will instill a lifelong love and appreciation of the game!

Since 1997 the MWGA has awarded scholarships to graduating high school seniors through our Education Association. Scholarships are given in recognition of overall high school records and golf achievements.  (If you are already receiving a full collegiate scholarship, you are not eligible)

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Deadline to apply each year is the 2nd Saturday in March.