Junior Amateur Championship

//Junior Amateur Championship
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July 14-16, 2019
Keth Memorial Golf Course, Warrensburg

The upcoming 36th annual Junior Amateur Championship is open for all golfers 8-18.
The 8-9 year olds will play 9 holes each day while the golfers 10 and over will play 18 each day.
The field will consist of 153 players. The deadline to register is July 8th at noon.
All players will be required to walk and caddies are not allowed in the Junior Amateur Championship.
Players are allowed to use a pull cart.
Spectator Carts are available at pro shop.

Yardages (subject to change)
Male 14-18 will play 6362
Female 14-18 will play 5101
Male 10-13 will play 5101
Female 10-13 will play 4425
8-9 will play fairway tees (will have cart assigned with parent/guardian)



Missouri Junior Amateur Championship
Mules National Golf Club, Warrensburg, MO
July 15 th -16th, 2019

The Missouri Golf Association is proud to host the 36 th Missouri Junior Amateur Championship at
Mules National Golf Club on July 15 th and 16th. This year’s field is made up of 153 junior players
from across the state, all hoping to win the championship.

The 8-9-year old’s division will play an 18 hole competition and the 13 and over divisions will play a
36-hole stroke play championship.

This year will be the first year that the Missouri Golf Association has hosted the Junior Amateur
Championship at Mules National Golf Club in Warrensburg. We look forward to hosting the
championship at this championship level golf course!

In the past year we have partnered with Recruiter Elite, a company that has designed an innovative
program to assist junior golfers with the college recruiting process. In this program, you will work with
an experienced golf advisor and set up a game plan to get more connected with college coaches.
You will work on: resumes, list of target colleges, recruiting videos, athletic training programs, and
more. After this process, you will maintain contact with your advisors on a weekly basis to discuss
your future plans. On Sunday evening, representatives from Recruiter Elite will host a free seminar
in the Mules National clubhouse. All parents and players are encouraged to attend.
The Missouri Golf Association would like to thank all of the junior golfers who are competing in this
year’s Junior Amateur Championship. We look forward to watching you all compete. Thank you for
your dedication to the game!

Follow the action online at mogolf.org and @missourigolf on social media.

The Missouri Golf Association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the best
interests and true spirit of the game of golf throughout the State of Missouri. The MGA conducts
several statewide championships each year, including the Missouri Amateur. The MGA distributes
an annual schedule of tournament events and entry forms for each event. Provides advice and
information for golf, handicap and rules chairpersons, and provides educational seminars.