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golf-genius-logoTo MGA Member GHIN Clubs,

The MGA is very excited to share this great news! The USGA and Golf Genius Software have entered into a collaboration agreement whereby GGS will provide golf tournament management software to GHIN State and Regional Golf Associations and their member clubs. Beginning in early 2017, two distinct Tournament Management software products will be offered to GHIN customers as a replacement for the current Tournament Pairing Program (TPP):

USGA Tournament Management, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will provide a feature set equivalent to TPP plus additional capabilities including robust support for golf leagues. GHIN Clubs are entitled to the use of USGA Tournament Management at no extra charge as part of the GHIN Subscription. This product provides all the tools needed by the golf shop at a private or public facility to set up and run member events, leagues and outings. It substantially reduces the workload in the golf shop and provides best-in-class printed materials including fully customizable scorecards, cart signs, bag tags, locker labels, tee sheets, alpha lists, etc.

USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will be functionally equivalent to the Golf Genius product, and will be available to GHIN clubs for an additional upgrade fee. Clubs who elect to purchase the upgrade will enter into subscription agreements directly with GGS and will benefit from a reduced price for the premium product.  The Premium product delivers all the benefits outlined above plus MOBILE APP AND LIVE SCORING, ONLINE EVENT REGISTRATION AND PAYMENTS, CUSTOMIZABLE WEBSITES (FOR EACH EVENT, LEAGUE OR OUTING), UNLIMITED SPONSOR CONTENT, TRIP MANAGEMENT, AND INTEGRATION WITH OTHER CLUBS SYSTEMS (CLUB WEBSITES, CART/GPS SYSTEMS, ETC) The PREMIUM package is an additional fee.

You are probably asking WHY? The USGA’s GHIN service has been an important technology tool for all State and Regional Golf Association’s, clubs and golfers since it was developed in 1981. One of the core products included with GHIN is the Tournament Pairing Program (TPP). In recent months the USGA began to re-imagine GHIN and explore opportunities to enhance its impact for the future. During this process the USGA decided to outsource the tournament management component to a software firm dedicated to the tournament management software market. The USGA selected Golf Genius Software because of the proven quality of the product, its acceptance among numerous clubs, the scale-ability of the Golf Genius cloud solution, and the Golf Genius commitment to providing outstanding service to the USGA and its GHIN customers.

Who will provide support? While the product has a VERY ROBUST ONLINE HELP SYSTEM WITH STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS, The MGA staff will continue to be your line of support for the USGA Tournament Management products. The MGA has been assigned a Golf Genius account manager to work with and support us at all times.

What are the technical Requirements?
*4 GB of RAM, High-speed internet connection, javascript enabled, Screen resolution 1024×768 or higher
*Browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 45.0+, Chrome 53.0+, Safari 9.0+
*Mobile: Apple iOS 9 or higher, Android 2.2 or higher
*Microsoft Publisher 2013 or higher – for printable scoreboards


Tournament Management Premium delivers significant benefits above and beyond the base USGA Tournament Management product. Whereas the base product is focused on improved productivity for golf professionals and providing superb printed materials, TM Premium adds significant functionality focused on improving the member/player experience and increasing revenue from golf outings.

Improving the member experience is a win/win proposition for the player and the golf professional. Not only are players enjoying a better experience, they make far fewer calls to the golf shop because of the information they need is available online.

lake-valley-quoteEnhanced outing revenue is also a win/win for the hosting facility and the outing client. Charities are able to generate more revenue because they have more value to offer their sponsors: custom sponsor content on the mobile apps between score entry pages, sponsor content on the TV leaderboard, and sponsor content on the event website. As a result, outing sponsors are willing to pay a higher price for use of your golf facility. Moreover, with the TM Premium, you have the means to acquire more outings, capture more revenue from those outings and provide a superior and more memorable guest experience for all participants.

At the end of the day, Golf Genius and the MGA are dedicated to a larger mission. To help grow the game of golf by creating more playing opportunities and enhancing the fun for golfers everywhere. Whether it is tournament golf, golf leagues, social golf events, or golf trips — we seek to assist golf professional in expanding participation in the greatest game of all.

The MGA along with the Golf Genius staff will be providing Software training starting January 2017 around the State.  It will be a requirement for all facilities to attend a training session in your area. Anyone that has anything to do with tournament management and marketing is asked to be present at the session.

MGA Member Clubs be on the lookout for the training schedule to be released shortly.

If you have questions contact Karen Raithel at 573.636.8994